Giclée prints

The Giclée printmaking process has been around for about 15 years. It was originally developed in America & has almost replaced traditional lithographic printing as the preferred method of producing limited edition fine art prints there. With giclée only one print is produced at a time and each is to a superb quality that has not been possible or commercially viable by any other printing process up to now.

Current giclée printing technology gives you the highest level of detail and the most brilliant colours available in a reproduction. The resolution of giclée prints can be higher than traditional lithographic prints. In addition to the higher level of detail and colour, giclée prints also have a longer life span.

Longetivity & colour quality depend to a large extent on the quality of the inks and paper used. My giclée prints are made on enhanced fine art papers with Epson ultrachrome pigmented inks which are widely recognised as being of the highest quality available.

Each of my prints is of a limited edition and is signed & numbered by me.