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Something about salt. Screenprint. 49.5x38.5cms. £150.00 St Monans. Screenprint. 27.5x20cms. £90.00 Coasting. Screenprint. 36.5x27cms. £120.00
Second Chaser. Screenprint. 36.5x27cms. £120.00 Watershed. Screenprint. 51x35.5cms. £120.00 Golden Sands. Screenprint. 62x46cms. £150.00
Sugar Star. Screenprint. 50.5x33cms. £150.00 Cats Paws. Screenprint. 58x47cms. £150.00 Frontyard Boatyard. Screenprint. 38x31cms. £90.00
Down to the Sea. Screenprint. 45x56cms. £180.00 Black House. Screenprint. 36.5x27cms. £120.00 High Green. Screenprint. 46.5x60cms. £100.00
And Then I mMet You. Screenprint. 52x46cms. £225.00 Blue Findochty. Screenprint. 35x43cms. £60.00 Channel. Screenprint. 52x67cms. £270.00
Hinding House. Screenprint. 33.5x40cms. £135.00 Hook Line and Sinker. Screenprint. 52x46cms. £225.00 On the Bright Side. Screenprint. 39.5x31cms. £90.00
Red Rooves East. Screenprint. 49.5x48cms. £225.00 Sennen. Screenprint. 56x45cms. £225.00 Sheildag Digitalis. Screenprint. 36.3x27cms. £112.50
Washday Reds. Screenprint. 20x27.5cms. £60.00 Deil's Cauldron. Screenprint. 40x33.5cms. £120.00 Smugglers Blues. Screenprint. 38.5x31.5cms. £90.00
Seatown. Screenprint. 48x48cms. £100.00 Maybe its the Lure of the Sea. Screenprint. 62x48cms. £180.00 Mooring Points. Screenprint. 36.5x27cms. £120.00
Portmahomack. Screenprint. 31x45cms. £120.00 Up the Hill Backwards. Screenprint. 37x45cms. £90.00 Water Wynd. Screenprint. 62x48cms. £180.00
You are Here. Screenprint. 62x48cms. £180.00 5th Sunday. Screenprint. 40x52.5cms. £150.00 Golden Cullen. Screenprint. 38x47cms £90.00
Nobody Home. Screenprint. 42x48cms. £120.00 Flooding the Silence. Screenprint. 42x33cms. £90.00 Pier Head. Screenprint. 24x30cms. £50.00
3579. Screenprint. 56x36cms. £150.00 Breathless. Screenprint. 36x27cms. £90.00 Kiss Chase. Screenprint. 50x33cms. £150.00
Channel 2. Screenprint. 52x67cms. £300.00   The Gull's Way. Screenprint. 67x49cms. £300.00